Smart Grinding Controller

Smart Grinding Controller

The Smart Grinding Controller “SGC” is an AI based autonomous expert controlling solution. SGC assures that the grinding circuit works at its optimum performance and more importantly, maintains that level of performance over long period of time. SGC controls the whole grinding circuit from feeders up to hydrocyclones to ensure optimum grinding.


  • Circuit and quality stability
  • Incsreased throughtput
  • Reduced energy and water consumption
  • less wear and tear and consumable
  • Fully autonomous control solution for grinding circuit
  • Fuzzy logic controller with AI capabilities
  • Directly connected to PLC and/or SCADA (OPC UA & DA, Modbus)
  • Automatic data acquisition from PLC/DCS
  • Secure and encrypted connections (no data leakage)
  • Fast and accurate set point calculation

SGC is a self-learning, adaptive advanced controller. SGC combines different AI techniques to reach an optimum control performance. Fuzzy logic is used for controlling purposes while deep learning, pattern search and neural network techniques are responsible for adaptive optimization of the fuzzy controller performance.
Finally the dynamic modelling module provides valuable information about mill to the controller and plant operators.
Moreover, our vision is to make our solutions accessible and available to the wide range of customers. Therefore, we have developed AI tools for a quicker and more accurate modification and calibration of SGC for each plant. These tools allow us to shorten implementation time, and reduce its cost by around
both small and large mineral processing palnts. Furthermore, through our pilot projects we minimize the investment risks
for clients and make their processing plant more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

Would you like to know more about our Smart Grinding Controller? You can download the brochure here!