Smart Floatation Controller

Smart Floatation Controller

Optecs has developed a unique advanced control solution for accurate froth flotation control and grade prediction. At the base of this success are innovative and in-house developed deep-learning and Mask R-CNN image recognition techniques for accurate detection of froth properties.


  • Increase the recovery rate
  • Decrease material waste
  • Decrease chemical consumption
  • Fast and accurate respond to disturbances (prevent benefit loss

Autonomous control of chemicals, cell level, air flow and ore grade prediction by detection

Bubble size and shape (circular, oval etc.)

Froth movement speed

Froth stability

Froth texture

Froth color

Non-loaded bubbles

Optecs Smart Flotation Controller is a vision-based supervisory control system connected directly to the plant DCS or equipment PLC. SFC uses Mask R-CNN image analysis techniques for obtaining accurate data and insights on process performance from froth images. Mask R-CNN neural network algorithm is much more suitable for froth image analysis than Watershed algorithms found in the majority of industrial image analysis and control solutions for flotation.

Optecs Smart Flotation Controller solution consists of a camera system set-up, advanced control software (python) installed on a local server, and HMI. All cameras are industrial grade and come with protective casing and their own light source to ensure a long lifetime and no interference of environmental light.

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